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Fuss-free tips to help you get a handle on your handicap

Golf is a great game that provides players with a combination of mental and physical stimulation. It’s also really addictive! Anybody who has started to play seriously soon immerses themselves in the sport; spending hours reading up on courses and techniques, weighing the pros and cons of different clubs and looking for any opportunity to hit the driving range or local golf course.

Inevitably, players look for ways to improve their game and lower their handicap. For although the game can be a competitive one, every golfers greatest opponent is himself! We’ve got some straightforward, simple tips for you to start using today to get that handicap down:


Like any athlete, preparing your body for action has two essential elements, warming up and stretching.

Start with a brisk walk to get the blood flowing and breathe deeply but steadily. It doesn’t have to be a long walk, two to three minutes at a good pace should do the trick.

Once you’ve warmed up, stand with your feet shoulder length apart and start doing some basic stretch exercises. Concentrate on your arms and shoulders as these muscles will be doing much of the work. Put your hands on your hips and twist your torso from side to side to help it loosen up. Yoga can be excellent for golfers as it helps keeps joints supple and flexible and builds core strength.

It’s worth incorporating a few yoga poses into your daily routine (you really don’t have to join a class). Aside from the physical benefits, you may find it increases your concentration.


Concentrate on improving your chipping and putting skills. Even professional golfers tend to spend more time trying to sink putts of various lengths than you might imagine. While it’s tempting to spend time on your drive, developing a solid short game will serve you better in the long run.

Playing with more experienced golfers is another great way to hone your skills. Just being around them will enable you to learn through observation and most avid golfers are keen to share their advice with beginners.

Taking lessons from a professional teacher is often well worth the money spent. If you’re just starting out in the game it’s difficult to know what you’re doing wrong. A teacher can observe you and quickly make the right recommendations to get your technique up to par.


There can be no doubt that your frame of mind makes a huge difference to your game. When you’re relaxed and confident even the wobbly shots don’t stop you from going on to score well. If you’re frustrated and miserable though, nothing you do seems to go the way you want it to.

Keep your mind clear and focus on the task at hand. It’s no use over-thinking your technique or dwelling on the last shot you missed. Study the course beforehand and plan your approach to each hole before you play it. Then stick to that plan! This will help you play with confidence.

Visualization is a technique used by many sportsmen to help them perform at their best. There is much scientific evidence that backs this up. So before you swing, take a moment to visualize the path of the ball through the air to where it lands on the green.

The game of golf has been around a good many centuries and in that time a glut of tips and tricks for improving scores has been put forward. Take our advice and keep it simple, you’ll soon notice the difference in your score.

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