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Essential Advice On How To Have An Open Stance In Golf

It’s very well known that the stance in golf is one of the most important elements of a shot setup. Generally, golfers use the standard square stance where the imaginary straight line that touches both tips of the toes is parallel to the target line. Contrary to this, in an open stance the lines are not parallel, rather the toe line points slightly to the left of the target line. It’s crucial to learn about the open stance, because for certain types of shots like chipping and pitching, a more open stance is preferred. Let’s look at how to have a good open stance.

  • To show you how to achieve a proper open stance we’ll begin with a standard one. With the feet line parallel to the target line, assume a normal stance. Next, slightly move your front foot a couple of inches back. It need not be exactly two inches; your swing and comfort must dictate how far the front foot moves back. Focus on just this element of your stance at the driving range. With this open stance you can swing along the toe line to play a fade.
  • While attempting a wedge shot with an open stance, it’s best slightly close the gap between the setup and the ball. Some people may not agree with the idea of playing a wedge shot with an open stance. But, Marshall Smith, golf instruction editor of Golf Tips, feels that with a normal stance, it would be difficult to take a short backswing and clear the left or front half of the body out of the way. Also, if you want to gain perfect control over the wedge shot with an open stance, you’ve to stand upright and the elbow of your right-hand must be against the right-side of the body (in case of right-handed golfers).
  • Not just a wedge, pitch, and chip shots, an open stance is ideal for attempting an uphill lie stroke as well. The reason to choose this setup is that with an uphill lie, it’s not easy to rotate the body towards the target. Having an open stance will make the process of rotation easier by presetting the turn. Furthermore, remember to flex your knees a little while hitting an uphill shot with an open stance.
  • Very few people will associate an open stance with putting, but it’s said the legendary Jack Nicklaus preferred it as opposed to a normal stance while playing the putt. According to him this alternate stance gives a better view of the hole in the green. To get the putt right maintain a shoulder position where the right side is lower than the left, and as mentioned above, the elbow of the right hand must be pressed against the right side.


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