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A Short Introduction To Common Golf Faults And Fixes

Even if you attain command over your game of golf, there will be some things, which need to be corrected. Sometimes, we learn the wrong things and keep doing them like that forever. But, such faults of golf should be corrected in time to lower your handicap. Let us find out solutions to some of the common faults of golf.


The swing becomes really awkward when you end up slicing the shot. “Chicken wing” is the name given to such a shot. It is created when you bend your left arm rather than keeping it straight through the impact. It slows down your club and cuts the ball across, which results in slice. The cause of this arrangement of the body is that you hold your club too tightly.

To cure this problem, hold the 7-iron using both your little fingers pulled out, like you do when you sip tea from a teacup. Now, make practice swings of three quarter length. Let the club release freely during the impact. Your arms will achieve complete rotation and extension when your wrists re-hinge completely.

Toe hit

It is not rare to see golfers hitting off their toe. There is a common cause responsible for this fault- the golfer releases the club too early, un-hinge their wrists and straighten their right arm quite soon at the downswing. Such golfers hit many fat shots, and thus, learn to pull the golf club upward either by bending the left elbow or by standing straight. The problem arises because both these movements pull your golf club towards your body, even closer than it is at your address position, which makes the contact off your toe.

A good method to recover the strikes is to regularly practice smashing punch shots using a middle iron. If you have a shorter backswing, your wrists will be firmer and you will have a straight left arm. It also helps you keep up the swing radius in order to bring the golf club to a completely stretched up position of impact for contact at center face.

There are some more common faults in the game of golf which should be corrected early in time. However, it is never too late for anything. If you have been observing that your handicap is constantly high for quite some time, you can still improve your game by identifying your weaknesses and working to fix them.


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