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Hybrid Play Made Simple: 4 Elements Of Good Setup

Playing with a hybrid club is something many golfers look forward to, except some may have issues setting up with the club. This can create a different result when it comes to making impact with the ball. The key is to have good alignment when approaching your shot. This means if you don’t have good alignment it is likely the ball will go in the direction you don’t want it to go. This can also affect your swing. Fortunately, there are a few changes you can do to ensure you are using your hybrid to the best of your ability.

Club Down

As you club down your feet positioning may be a little different from a regular setup. As you club down your feet should be together when you are behind the ball. The club should also be positioned behind the ball. These elements ensure your club is in position necessary before swinging. It also ensures good contact will be made and it helps establish a swing path for the club head.

Hit Toward Target

When hitting toward the target aim at it. You should imagine a target line and it should lead to the target itself. This is how the club head will travel; your swing technique should guide your iron on this line to ensure clubface follows through completely. Doing so also generates a good amount of power behind the ball enough to get it close to the target.

Body is in Line with Target

As you consider this aspect your body is parallel to target. Think about a straight line across your feet your body follows as you swing. The line helps you stay aware of your body position and how your club comes into position when completing your back and down swing.


If you expect to improve play strategies with a hybrid you need to be willing to practice. There could be areas of your play that needs adjustment. It may take some time to adjust if you are new to using this type of club. Overtime it will become a natural feel that will make it easier to achieve good results on the course. Having good alignment with your body is a start but it may not be enough. Consider golf drills to help you get in the mode of achieving good setup position.


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