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How to Control the Height of your Iron Shots in Golf

Controlling the height of an iron shot can become really frustrating sometimes. When you want the golf ball to take a lower flight, it shoots in the air like a rocket. At other times, if you want to roar a towering shot, your golf ball hardly moves up in the air. And you are left with your mouth open wondering what the hell is wrong with the ball? The irons are the tricky equipment of golf. You cannot always go by your instincts. You need to hit the iron with force most of the times, which is the key to controlling distance. You need to compress the golf ball between the ground and the clubface. This creates backspin which makes the ball fly and adds to the loft of the club. You can also refer to the tips given below to make your game more refined:

Study the divots

If you want to use your iron to its best, you must learn to hit the golf ball first and then the ground. When you go to the practice range next time, you should press the tee into the earth approximately 1 inch outside of your line of target.

Use a 7-iron to hit the ball. If you hit the ball first, the divot would be formed on the side of target near the tee. In case you see that the divot begins a little behind the tee, it means that you hit the fat shot and compromised on accuracy and distance. If the whole divot lies behind the tee, it means that you have chunked it.

Getting flippy is incorrect

If your ball flies lower in the air, chances are that the clubhead is beating ahead of the hands when you attempt to hit the ball in the air. It puts the foremost edge of your golf club come into touch with the ball. During the impact, the back side of your left hand must be towards the target and the right wrist must bend a little away from your target.

Full extension is the right thing

To check your position of impact and get a feeling to hit solid iron shots, you need to hit a series of golf balls. While you do this, stop the head of the club below your waist level. You will discover that it is impossible to dig at the golf ball and attain the shortened finish. Do not get scared to cut down your follow through in case you mis-hit some irons during your round.


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