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4 Tips To Help You Rent An Apartment For A Golf Vacation In Portugal

Portugal is one of the best places in the world to enjoy a good golf vacations as there are numerous challenging and exciting golf courses. The stunning beaches, gorgeous landscapes and favorable climate also add to the charm of this European city and you can also take a break from golf once in a while to explore the beautiful towns and cities. If you are planning a golf vacation in Portugal, here are some tips to help you rent an apartment for the perfect holiday.

Choose your area

You need to choose where you want to stay in Portugal wisely as each part has its own charm and appeal. The beautiful Algarve district on the south coast has some of the best golf courses and a sunny climate throughout the year while the Lisbon coast has stunning landscapes and a diverse mix of golf courses. You can also look further north where the gorgeous Douro Valley region will be the perfect setting for a quiet golf break.

Golf courses in the area

There will be many apartments you can take a look at in Portugal but to enjoy a fun golf break you should try finding a villa or apartment located either near or on a golf course. For instance there are 3 bedroom villas located right on the Pinhal Golf course or there are 2 bedroom apartments in Lagos that are just near the Boa Vista and Palmares golf courses.

Go online and book

If you go online and book an apartment in Portugal, you will be able to compare the different features and rates. You can also read the customer feedback and recommendations and choose an apartment accordingly. It is a good idea to book these apartments during off seasons in golf so that you can get lower rates.

Choose a family resort

It is best to rent an apartment that not only has a good golf course nearby but also other activities so that your family can also get entertained. There are many apartments that will have horse riding, tennis courts, swimming pools etc. along with a number of restaurants and clubs. You can also take a break from golf once in a while and enjoy these activities with your family. Or pick one near a town so that you can all go out and explore the gorgeous districts of Portugal and mix with the locals.


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