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Top 7 Golf Iron Tips From A Professional Coach

Your irons are your scoring clubs. As long as your driving is respectable and your putting solid (they don't need to be amazing) hitting your irons well is where you can make the biggest change in your golf game. Try these 7 tips from a pro to get your irons heading for the flags like lasers.

  1. Not too far, not too short
  2. An iron is supposed to hit a ball a specific distance. A 6-iron is meant to go 180 yards - not 190 or 170. Remember, good contact is way more important than distance.

  3. Aim for the heart of the green
  4. Don't go "flag hunting". If you hit the middle of every green, you will not score badly. Play conservatively and try to make birdies with your putter not with your irons.

  5. Err on the short side
  6. Most trouble is over the greens in the majority of golf courses so swing easy and miss short rather than long. This is a form of golf damage control and you will avoid those real disasters that can ruin your score. Having 5's all day will not ruin your scorecard but a 7 (because you flew over the green and into the bushes behind) will be a disaster for your round.

  7. Club down
  8. If you are standing in the fairway and you think it is an 8 then take a 7. If you think it is a 6 then take a 5. This will force you to swing easy and improve your contact.

  9. Get rid of your long irons
  10. You are not a professional so you don't need a 2, 3, 4-iron in your bag. Replace the knives with a fairway wood and you will find it easier to get the ball in the air on long shots.

  11. Accept your misses
  12. Play with the shape you have that day. If you have been hitting fades all day then don't try to hit a draw to get the ball close to the pin on the 14th par-3. Leave the corrections for when you get on the practice ground after you finish.

  13. Clip the ball off the top
  14. Most poor iron shots are hit fat - this means when you hit behind the ball and contact the ground first. Poor iron players dig up too much of the course. Aim to bruise the grass and clip off a few blades rather than a full divot.


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