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Avoiding Typical Mistakes When Buying Golf Woods

Golf woods come in all sizes, shafts, lofts and manufactures are trying to experiment with new hybrid clubs as well. Woods are one of the most versatile clubs in the game. Sometimes you can use it off the tee and also as a replacement for certain iron clubs. Obviously, the wide range of options and uses makes it difficult to take the final decision. You don’t want to choose the wrong golf wood. Lucky for you, in this article we talk about the typical mistakes to avoid when buying golf woods.

Avoid the herd mentality

You see the golf woods your friend or colleague bought and get the urge to do the same. Just because the woods your friend bought helped improve his/her score doesn’t mean you’ll see improvement in your game. Why? Because you didn’t think about your skill level and game requirement before buying the club. Don’t blindly repeat other people’s actions. Think about your game. Ask questions like – Do I need more loft from by fairway woods? How will I use the golf wood? How will I employ the new golf wood?

Buying just for the sake of it

Buying golf woods when there is no need for new clubs is more common than you think. If you’ve no intention of replacing the drive club with a 3-wood, then don’t buy it. Buy woods that you’ll use or want to replace some other club. There are times when you may not know what to buy or which club to replace. Ask an expert or golf coach to analyze your game and make a proper suggestion.

Not inspecting the golf clubs

You’re spending hard earned money on the golf equipment, hence don’t blindly buy it. Inspect the golf wood thoroughly and ask all the hard questions to the salesperson before even thinking of buying the product. It’s no different, even in the case of online purchases. Read specifications, reviews, and compare products before taking a decision.

Price is a factor, but it’s not the only factor

While you may not want to spend too much on your golf purchases, don’t let the cost of the product come by way of its quality. When you’re shopping for golf wood, keep in mind that price is just one of the factors to consider. On the flip side, don’t equate the quality of the product with its cost. The most expensive clubs might not be the best in the market.


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