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4 Key Golf Putting Drills For Improving Your Scores

Improving your scores should be one of the key things at the back of your mind. There are so many players who never really think about anything else other than this, and it gets them focused. When it comes to playing golf, each player has something in mind that they want to achieve. There are those who want to gain more distance whenever they are on the green, others want to cut down on some of the faults that they make while they are playing and so forth.

One thing that is constant among all these players is the fact that they do believe that if they are to improve on whatever it is they are focusing on, they will become better players, and more importantly they will improve their scores. It is important that you too, get to pay attention to some putting drills that can actually help you achieve this.

It will take you some time, but that is okay, because you cannot actually get to do everything you want in one go. With some practice and patience, the following drills will actually help you get the best results so far:

  • Work on your stance

  • Perfect your balance

  • Keep an eye on the target

  • Get the right grip

Work on your stance

One of the most important things that will see you improve your scores is the way you set up for the shot. A good stance will always come in handy when you are looking to make some progress on the course. Try and practice properly how to set up, and you will have an easier experience.

Perfect your balance

Learn to get your balance right. Proper balance will not only help you stay your ground when you are playing, but it will also help you stay focused enough to send the ball in the right direction. You would not want to lose your footing while you are playing, because in as much as it will send your ball in the wrong direction, it is also embarrassing.

Keep an eye on the target

Pay attention to your target. This is in fact one of the basics of having a good game. Make sure you stay focused on the target.

Get the right grip

Choose the appropriate grip for the shot you are taking. This will go a long way in helping you send the ball where you want it.


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