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Basic Things About Golf Etiquette You Should Remember

Golf is a game that teaches you much more than just how to hit a stationary ball. Many young people would do well to learn the game so that they acquire traits such as honesty, persistence, patience and empathy. Golf etiquette need not be complex however; just a few golden rules can help you avoid making faux pas out on the course and upsetting your playing partners. Here are 6 rules that, once applied, will make you one of the most polite, professional and polished players out there:

  1. Don't stand in a player's eye line
  2. There is not set rule to where you can stand while your partner is playing his shot. As long as you are not standing direct is his or her eye line, you will be fine. Behind and off to a 45 degree angle of your playing partner is a good rule to follow.

  3. Don't move or make a noise
  4. It goes without saying that you shouldn't cough, sneeze or yell when your opponent is playing in case you put them off. As soon as your opponent is getting ready to hit, freeze and wait for the shot to go.

  5. Don't stand on somebody's line
  6. There is nothing worse than trying to putt through spike marks on the green. Be aware of your opponents line and don't walk all over that line until he/she has putted out.

  7. Respect the honor
  8. The "honor" is golf simply means that the play that scored the lowest on the previous hole gets to hit first off the tee. If your partner scored a 3 on the 11th and you got a 4, don't play out of turn on the 12the tee by hitting first.

  9. Play fast
  10. The way to ensure that you keep up a good speed on the course is to walk fast and make fast decisions. Don't dawdle over club selections or lines on the greens. If you think it's an 8-iron as you are walking to the ball then trust your instinct and choose that club. Not only will you play faster by being decisive but you'll also be freer and hence play better.

  11. Hold the flag for your partners
  12. Without professional caddies, you will have to hold (or "tend") the flag for your playing partner in the event that they have a long putt and can't see the bottom of the cup from where they are.


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