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A Collection Of Great Tips For Golf Swings Of Different Kinds

Unique golf swings

Your golf swing is as unique as your fingerprints. Everybody has a different golf swing depending on their build, height, how flexible they are in their hips or wrists. Factors such as what age they started playing along with who where their golfing heroes are important.

Below are four of the most common swings seen around the world and some tips specific to that swing style. If you can identify your own swing pattern amongst the examples below, you can start taking steps towards improving your technique.

  • The three-quarter swinger
  • A player with this type of swing will be good at hitting the ball low, hitting punch shots and taking distance off the ball. Three quarter swingers will sometimes lack length because they do not have a wide swing arc so they needs to focus on turning their back on the ball completely. Once the three-quarter swinger has a fuller shoulder turn, they will add 10-20 yards to their drives.

  • The over-swinger
  • This player will usually have problems with accuracy but will hit the ball a long way because their arc is so wide. In order to gain more accuracy, the over-swinger needs to tighten up their legs and hips to have a more compact turn. Keeping the head and right knee still will restrict the swing and ensure more accurate drives.

  • The in-to-out swinger
  • With this type of swing, the player puts too much weight on their right side, their grip is too strong and their shoulders too closed. This all leads to a flat swing that causes hooked shots. To correct this, the in-to-out swinger needs to reverse all of these habits. They need to put more weight on their left side, open up their shoulders and weaken their grip. This will lead to a more neutral swing and straighter shots.

  • The out-to-in swinger
  • This player the exact opposite problem to the in-to-out swinger. They have too much weight on their left leg, their shoulders are too open and they are on top of the ball rather than getting behind it. This all causes shots that start low and left before slicing out to the right. In order to hit the ball straighter and lower, this player needs to place more weight on their right leg, turn their back to the ball and stay behind the shot on the downswing.


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