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Simple And Effective Golf Drills To Stop Casting And Play Better

Early release or casting a golf club is when a golfer begins the downswing with untimely release of wrists. It causes the golfer to lose their angle of wrist on downswing and the head of the club is delivered to golf ball with a cupped wrist.

The entire cast

The golf experts state casting as using one hand versus the other. For a right- handed player, the right hand may cause this problem. To observe why this problem happens, take the golf club, and position yourself normally at the top of backswing. In case your right wrist is straightened now, the left hand would operate as pivot and the right elbow would straighten out. This is a standard casting movement when the club points out straight, approximately parallel to ground prior to starting down.

The Tee Drill

You can stick a tee at the closing end of the grip of your club to stop casting. You need to hold your golf club parallel to ground such that the golf tee is pointed at the target. Now, take short swings and attempt to replicate this position prior to hitting the golf ball. If you learn to swing your golf club in this manner, you will be able to delay the straightening of your wrists and stop casting.

The Punch Drill

You can practice this drill without using a tee. You can hit brief punch shots and not uncock your wrists entirely until the golf ball has gone. The idea here is to stop consciously and straighten your wrists while casting your golf club.

Noodle Drill

You must hold your golf club to the lightest, which means you should not exert much pressure on the grip. With this noodle drill, this thought will be carried to the extreme. It implies that your wrists must be so loose such that the wrists can only twist in response when you swing the club. You do not need to consciously uncock or cock your wrists.

Now, swing your golf club again to the height of your waist with enough speed such that your wrists are cocked, but do not make them too rigid. You should rather loosen them as much as you can. Now, swing the arms downwards, let the impetus of your swing uncock the wrists and you can re-twist them while you conclude at the height of your waist. The aim of this drill is to use your body and arms to take a swing, not the wrists.


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