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Easy Strategies To Help You Manage Difficult Golf Problems

In golf, consistency is the key to better scores. You have managed to learn the technique of a perfect golf shot and have executed it flawlessly some of the time. Getting it right 50% of the time is not at all enough if you want to be a good golfer. To gain consistency, it’s crucial to pinpoint the problem and then find a solution. Below we’ve presented some of the common golf problems and easy strategies to solve them.

Hitting Thin and Fat Shots

If you hit way too back of the ball or hit high (the top half) of the ball the result might be a fat or thin golf shot. Experts are of the option that swaying at the time of the swing can often lead to this problem. An easy strategy to rectify this error is to practice swing with your feet close together. When you’re addressing the ball with the feet together, let the weight rest on the inside of the right foot. To analyze your swing, make sure your shadow is in front of you. Furthermore, at impact, your hands must be ahead of the clubface.

Poor Tempo

Better tempo translates to a better swing. When you don’t time the swing well and the speed is erratic, you lose the tempo and produce faulty shots. At the time of the golf shot all the constituents – the shoulders, arms, hands, etc. must work in unison to produce a rhythmic swing. This is called tempo of the swing. You can do three things to correct the tempo problem: (i) do not rush into the shot, (ii) at the practice facility use only 70-80% of your regular power to play the shot. This’ll give you better control over the swing, which translates to better tempo, and (iii) focus on the shoulder and hip movement.

Looking at the Ball after Playing the Shot

The urge to look at the flying ball after playing the shot is an issue with a large number of golfers. Most of them look up even before the club head makes contact with the ball. This slight movement of the head disturbs the alignment of the body and also the swing path. The result is a faulty shot.

To correct this problem a series of steps needs to be taken. To begin with, keep your eyes on the ball till the club head strikes through the ball. The arms must be fully stretched through impact. Finally, the most important point is to properly uncoil the hips.


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