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Iron Increase Power: A Comprehensive Manual For Beginners

Precision Vs. Speed

Iron play in golf is much more about controlling rather than maximizing distance. For example, it is not good hitting your 9-iron 10 yards further than you intended and flying through the green every time. However there are a few advantages to being able to really lean on your irons and muscle a few extra yards out of them. For example:

Being long with your irons is an advantage because you can hit a shorter club into the green. A shorter club is easier to hit straight than a longer club. Are you more confident that you can hit a 9-iron straighter than a 3-iron? Think about this: If you can hit an 8-iron 200 yards, you'll have a big advantage over a golfer who hits a 5 iron 200 yards. It means you can attack flags from further away.

Now you know how being able to hit your irons is a big leg up on the competition, here are a few things you can do to get a few extra yards:

Trap the ball

The more you hit down on the ball and delay the release of the wrists, the more you will squeeze the ball into the turf and the further you will hit the ball. Holding the clubhead lag built up in your wrists and trapping the ball will help you with the next tip also.

Deloft the club

Why does a 4 iron go further than a 5 iron? Because it has less loft. i.e. a straighter face. But what if we could turn a 5 iron into a 4? Or turn a 7-iron into a 6 or a 5 iron? How do you do this? You do this by delofting the club at impact. Making the ball start lower and fly further. To do this, you need to have the hands ahead of the ball at impact and the further you have the hands ahead at impact, the more you will deloft the club.

MOT your clubs

Can you get some more flexible shafts in your irons? Maybe even graphite? Can you get a couple of degrees loft taken off your clubs so each club hits the ball further? Can you get a couple of inches added to the shaft of each iron so that each club is longer and you hit it further?


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