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Exercises For Golfers: Building Your Own Training Program

Exercising is a vital component for a game of golf. In order to play a nice shot, you must exercise properly as well as regularly. Like any other sport, golf too requires some essential and important exercises. This article will make you aware about these exercises that golfers can incorporate in their training regime and thus build their own golf training program.

No matter to which age group you belong to, whether you are 55 or 75 years old, you must practice these training methods, in order to improve your performance on the golf course and boost your general health. This complete golf training session includes stretching, cardio, core exercises, and weight lifting. This program is intense and necessitates maximum focus, so that you can achieve the intended target of playing a perfect game of golf. Let us look at this golf training program in detail.

  1. Stretching routine
  2. Before starting with a game of golf or hitting a golf ball, you must properly stretch and work out, in order to get started. You must do some simple, but essential stretches before you start off your golfing day. Cardio is a must in your stretching routine, as it is a nice and peaceful way to improve your concentration throughout your workout routine. The stretching exercises will build your endurance and help in delivering oxygen to your muscles, which is a nice setup to get prepared for the next golf training session.

  3. Weight training
  4. Lift weights, in order to develop balance, endurance, and control. Weight lifting will enhance your general body vigor and develop your body symmetry. This strength will in turn enhance your golf swing and help you to hit the golf ball the right way. Do not think that weight lifting exercise is for developing huge muscles.

    For the right start, start with small weights, so that you do not strain yourself, and then you can add on more weights, when your body gets accustomed to those weights. Subsequently, you can advance and challenge yourself to lift up more heavy weights. However, do not overstress your muscles and stop the session, when your muscles start to ache.

  5. Flexibility session
  6. The golf training routine is not complete without the flexibility session. This session will keep you fit in order to play golf. You can do inclined push-ups, single leg dead lift, and pistol squat in this fitness regime. Also, remember to indulge in a warm up session before starting off with a tee time, as this will improve your performance as well as focus on the game.

So, while this is just the beginning, you will experience that by including the correct exercises in your golf workout routine you can really make a big difference to your golf game. By following the above mentioned exercises, golfers can improve their fitness level, endurance, swing, and performance in golf. Additionally, you will notice that if you practice these exercises regularly, your body will gain more strength, power, balance, flexibility, suppleness, core stability, and awareness.


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