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5 Exercises For Back Pain Every Golfer Should Try

Those who don’t know much about golf view it as a relatively less physically demanding sport. Yes, that’s partly true. We don’t see golfers running from point to point, or wield racket or heavy bats. But, constantly swinging the golf club can put heavy strain on the muscles. Golfers who aren’t physically fit for the sport risk serious injuries. One of the most common problems that golfers experience is the back pain, and you can’t avoid it for long. Ignoring back pain can have long term implications. So, use the exercises provided here to alleviate the pain.

The Plank Workout

The plank workout strengthens the core muscles, which are a crucial for golf swings. Try this exercise only if you’re moderately fit. Lay on the floor with your stomach down. Place the palms of the hands on the floor, on either side of the chest. Push the hands down and lift the body. The hands and wrists must be right below the shoulders. Balance the whole body weight only with the toes and hands. You should feel the core muscles trying to hold the body in the air. Maintain this body position for 30 seconds and back to the neutral position. Practice this exercise three times before moving to the next workout.

The Deadbug Workout

Golf swings put a lot of pressure on the core muscles. This can’t be avoided, but you can strengthen the core muscles and to some extent avoid creation of too much strain on the core muscles. One way of avoiding excess strain is by maintaining proper alignment. Proper alignment will reduce strain caused by constant rotation, twisting, and bending. Players can take care of the alignment using the deadbug technique.

With the back facing the ground, lay on the floor. Now, raise both the hands in front of the chest; the hands must be perpendicular to the floor. Slowly, raise both the knees and bring them towards the chest. Stop when the hands and thighs are parallel to each other. Your current position must resemble a dead bug. Now, from this position slowly stretch the right leg and place parallel on the ground. Do the same with the left leg and again go back to the dead bug position. Do this exercise three times per session.

The Side Plank Workout

The side plank is equally effective exercise to strengthen the core muscles. Begin this workout by assuming the normal plank position. Then change the position and rest on the left side. Place the right foot on top of the left foot. Press left and down and raise the body, till the floor, left side of the body, and left arm create a right-hand triangle. Extend the right arm to the side, so that both right and left arms are in line. Maintain this posture for 15 seconds and switch sides. Practice this three times per session.

The Cook Hip Lift Workout

Most people might not think much about their gluteus muscles, but they are crucial to reduce strain on the lower back muscles. It’s well recognized fact that people with weak gluteus muscles suffer from back pain. The Cook Hip Lift will strengthen the gluteus muscles, thereby reducing stress on the lower back.

Lie back down on the floor and with the legs create an inverted V shape. The feet should be pressing down the ground. Now, bring the right knee closer to the chest and hold the knee with both your hands. Firmly press the left heel down and raise both the butts in the air. To hold this position you’ll have to squeeze the left butt muscles hard. This will activate the gluteus muscles and over time strengthen them. Hold the position for 15 seconds and go back to neutral. Now try the same exercise with the other leg. Repeat this routine three times per session.

The Quadruped Rocking Workout

Get on your hands and knees; the knees must be right beneath the hips and the hands beneath the shoulders. Maintain the normal lower back curve throughout the routine. Now, pull up the belly without affecting the natural curve. Also, move the hips back till you feel the stretch on the hips and lower back. Practice this exercise ten times per session.


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