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How to Play Golf Better – Essential Advice from the Pros

You might have heard of many tips to improve your golf. As you keep playing, your game has to get better with time. As they say that improvisation is the key to evolution. The same applies to golf as well. You need to learn throughout your life in golf. Let us look at the advice of the pros how they suggest improving your game.

Play how you feel like

When the game of golf began in the earliest times, it was not a smooth game as it is today. Despite the differences in exercise, techniques, equipment, etc; there are some things that are common even today. One such thing is that golf is the game of feel till date. You must play how you feel, even if the instructions tell you the opposite. If you make a mistake, you are not going to murder someone! Your faults will automatically let you evolve if you learn from your mistakes. If you are playing it good, you will be rewarded. But, do not get overconfident and keep learning.

Play golf on the course more than the practice range

Many golfers do not like going to the practice range. Then, they practice more golf on the golf course. In such instance, you have more occasions of learning the game practically. You learn better on the golf course than just virtually practicing at the practice range. You would rarely get a downhill, sidehill or a ball stuck in the rough in the practice range. On a golf course, you get a variety of challenges to guide you, let you learn and improvise. You can also improve your visualization skills, time management and sportsman spirit.


Competition resides in humans. We cannot survive if we do not compete with each other. In golf as well, competition gives a chance of evolution to all the competitors. Playing alone will never give you such opportunities to improvise and discipline yourself. You will be able to manage you time in an even better way and lower your handicap.

Golf Course Management

The rules of golf course management state that if you are stuck in a sand trap, your first priority should be to take the golf ball out the hazard. A lot of golfers would think of taking the ball closer to the hole in such situations but they still remain in the sand trap. If you get out of such hazard, you have created a chance for yourself to hit a putt, wherever it is.

There are many more such situations which can only be learnt by good golf course management.


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