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5 Simple Tricks To Enhance The Accuracy Of Your Drives

There is a serious misconception among many amateur golfers that drive is to show the power and putt is to show accuracy and control. They don’t generally associate the word accuracy with drive, and the result is that a large percentage of drives land in the rough, water, and sand traps, than on the fairway. If you want to become a better golfer, change your mindset and start working on the drive accuracy. These 5 simple tricks will help improve the accuracy of your drives. Let’s get started.

The Stance

Don’t think that you can just grab a club and hit the ball as hard as you can. It won’t work. The first and the most basic aspect of an accurate drive is the Balance. Lack of balance can seriously affect other elements of a drive. For instance, without proper balance it’ll become impossible to shift weight properly. Assume a shoulder width stance for perfect balance, club head direction, and contact.

The Club Length

Nowadays, it looks like golfers are obsessed with distance and to satisfy them golf club makers have started making long drive clubs. Most of the makers have introduced clubs that are 45inches longer than the standard driver. With long drivers, golfers can hit longer, but it’s very difficult to hit straight. Look to choke down the club shaft, or even better, purchase a driver of standard length.


If your body is not properly aligned to the target, you’ll either end up trying to compensate at the last moment and hit a slice or hook, or you’ll carry on with a faulty alignment and hit an inaccurate stroke. Remember, if you begin wrong, there is no chance the ball will fly in the direction you want. Your body and clubface must be properly aligned to the target. If the target is too far away, you can pick any spot that’s closer and align accordingly.

The Swing Path

Alignment is closely related to another element – the swing path. If you’ve got the alignment and all other elements of a drive right, yet the result is a slice or hook, then it’s time to take a look at the swing path. A horizontal swing path will most probably lead to a slice, whereas a fully vertical drive might result in a hook. The ideal swing path must rest between the overly horizontal and vertical paths. Practice long and hard to find out the swing path that produces accurate drives.

The Rhythm

Think rhythm is only good for short game shots? If yes, then you’re wrong. A graceful and rhythmic swing with a smooth downswing that naturally increases in speed will give birth to an accurate drive. Don’t hesitate or stop and start during the downswing, keep it simple and smooth.


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